Osta Max


This was by far our most popular product and will continue to be! Osta Max provides plenty of great results for any users based on its adaptability for producing top results. Regardless of whether you want to add strength/cut fat or even recover from an injury.

Osta Max helps to regulate the amount of activity that take place in your muscle cell responsible for nitrogen retention and protein synthesis.

Most users of Osta Max will see noticeable results within a couple of weeks and should expect noticeable fat loss, strength increases and better optimised recovery as this product was originally developed for treating osteoporosis before its true potential as a compound to enhance training performance!

Osta Max or should yield great results with an average 6 weeks cycle of 20mg per day expect results enhanced that coincide with your goals and make sure to eat right and train towards your goals.


Can be stacked with

Tren X can be stacked with multiple choices from the German Pharmaceutical range, some examples would be:

  • RAD-140

  • LGD-Ultra

  • CardioMax


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